Success Is Our Pride

Edward Chi is Managing Director of Asia Pacific.

Over 25 years of experience in the international investment banking, finance advisory, legal practice and real estate consultancy for numerous world-wide clients in North America and Asia Pacific.

Leading the professional consultants consortium in real estates development and investment.

Holds Juris Doctor of ICC, Ph.D. and Master of Business Administration and B.S. of Accounting, C.P.A.

A member of Senior Advisor of Oakland Bank, California since 1988.

American Chamber of Commerce Fellows.

Enrique V. Iglesias is Group Senior Advisor of Asia Pacific.

Over 12 years Managing Director, Union de Bancos del Uruguay Bank.

Once president of the Inter-American Development Bank for over 15 years, an international institution dedicated to furthering economic development in the Western Hemisphere through investment and policy formulation.

During first and second terms as president, the IDB concluded negotiations for its Seventh (1989) and Eighth (1994) General Increase in Resources. Respectively, these negotiations increased the Bank's ordinary capital by USD $26.5 billion and $101 billion.

Holds Doctorate in Law, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Member of the Global Leadership Foundation.

Paul Chi was graduated from University of Southern California in business finance. Paul Chi is having over 3 years in real estates development and marketing field, 8+ years of tech/digital marketing experienced.

He previously served as Director of Digital Trading/Social Media for Alley Group as well as founded his own digital media agency in Rocinante Media, LLC. Paul Chi has been received multiple awards for marketing including:

> Mumbrella Award for Data-Driven Marketing 2018

> Mumbrella Specialist Agency of the Year 2018

Donald J Hogan is Vice President of Asia Pacific.

Northern America Head

Over 20 years as VP/Dean at De Anza College, California. He also held notable position in private sector such as:

Director, International Education Leader

Director of Development and Marketing, the Tech Center of Silicon Valley (CA)

President, United Building Forms, Inc. Responsible for CEO function to promote and provide affordable housing programs in Mexico, Philippines, and Puerto Rico.

Vice President, Hospitality & Business Development, Santa Cruz Beach/Boardwalk.

Holds BA, MA and PhD in Leadership and Human Behavior with a specialization in Management and Organizational Development.

Hong Kong Head

Assisting various corporate in consultation and business development specialized in cross-bordered business and management.

Business development advisory, merger and acquisitions and business operations.

Specialising in Financial Control and with responsibility for Balance Sheet reporting The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Cross-border business migration for Standard Chartered Bank.

System development for government bodies, business enterprises, banks:

–State Street Bank, Victorian Electoral Commission of Australia.

Hold Master of Commerce in Information Systems Management.